10 BLA Fighters Killed in Pakistan Military Operation in Balochistan’s Bolan; Locals Face Food Shortage


The Pakistan army continued its military operation in Bolan area of Balochistan for the fifth day on Thursday. Reports suggest that the area is under siege as the army continues to trace two abducted citizens.

According to Pakistan’s Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), Commando Shafiullah and Commando Qaiser Abbas have been killed by terrorists in the Bolan operation.

According to the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) spokesperson, 10 fighters have been killed in the operation.

According to sources, at least six women, teenage girls and children have been taken away by Pakistani forces during the Bolan operation. These include Sammo Sumalani, Zar Bakht Sumalani, Baani Sumalani and her daughter Fareeda, and Sameedha Sumalani and her daughter Raaji.

The Bolan operation has so far seen no media coverage in Pakistan, while the human rights organisations across the world are silent.

According to the Balochistan Post, local sources have reported heavy shelling by the military choppers, local shepherds have been allegedly dragged from their homes in the hilly areas and put in front of the firing squads, and ordinary citizens being killed by the army and declared as ‘Baloch fighters’.

The operation has been launched in different areas of Bolan, Kaman, Yakho, Uch Kaman, Gumbadi, Darag Pirani, Saaro, and Buzgar, according to the news outlet.

Sources are reporting closure of all road transport by the Pakistani army, and the curfew, which has led to shortage of food for locals.

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