Actor Pawan Kalyan’s Fans Vandalise Theatres After Birthday Screening Of Jalsa Stops


Video: Actor Pawan Kalyan's Fans Vandalise Theatres After Screening Stops

Fans of Pawan Kalyan burst firecrackers inside a theatre


Fans of actor-politician Pawan Kalyan, famous in Telugu cinema, went berserk and vandalised a theatre during the celebratory screening of his most successful film, Jalsa, which was re-released on the actor’s 51st birthday today.

The screening was to happen in 501 theatres across the state. But after unruly behaviour and vandalism at some theatres, some stopped the show and that met with more ire from the fans.

Collections from the special screening were meant to support the actor’s political plans and farmers in distress in Andhra Pradesh.

At Leela Mahal theatre in Vizag, almost all the cushioned seats were torn out. The fans danced and even used inflammatory material like firecrackers inside the hall even as the screening was happening.

Another video shared widely on social media is from Kurnool, where fans vandalised a theatre, unhappy with the quality of the screening first and then when the screening was stopped.

Earlier, fans of Telugu star Mahesh Babu had arranged special screenings of his most-hit film, Pokiri, on his birthday. That was said to have been successful and so Pawan Kalyan’s fans also wanted him to have bigger collections.

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