Crowd gathers outside Buckingham Palace, sings ‘God Save the Queen’


A large crowd gathered outside Buckingham Palace after the news of Queen Elizabeth II’s death and sang ‘God Save the Queen’.

People from all over the country arrived at Buckingham Palace to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II who died on Thursday. (AFP photo)

Following the death of the longest reigning monarch in Britain, thousands gathered outside London’s Buckingham Palace on Friday to mourn the loss of Queen Elizabeth II and sang “God Save the Queen”.

A double rainbow spread across the sky as the crowd shed tears at the sight of the palace lowering its Union Jack to half-staff to signify the Queen’s death.

A rainbow appeared over the London sky as crowds gathered outside Buckingham Palace. (Photo from @briarstewart on Twitter)

Many have travelled several miles after hearing about the queen’s ailing health earlier in the day.

The Royal Family announced on Thursday that Queen Elizabeth II died peacefully at her home in Scotland at the age of 96. Her eldest son Charles, 73, is now king.

As crowds gathered before Buckingham Palace, an official notice was posted on the palace gates, which Londoners and tourists alike pressed forward to see.

Tourists from all over the world arrived at the palace compounds, some carrying flowers to pay tribute to the queen who sat on the throne for 70 years.

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