IAS officers BJP leaders at loggerheads in Opposition-ruled Telangana Jharkhand


Union finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman publicly reprimanded the collector of the Kamareddy district, Jitesh Patil, after she asked him about the Centre’s and the state’s share of the rice at fair-price shops. In another instance, an FIR has been registered against nine people, including BJP MPs Nishikant Dubey and Manoj Tiwari, for allegedly forcing Air Traffic Control (ATC) officials to issue clearance for their chartered flight to take off from Deoghar airport.


Addressing the collector, the senior BJP leader said, “The central government has been giving free rice and I have come here to find out if it is really reaching the people. Can you tell me how much the centre is paying, the contribution of the state government, and how much you are charging people before the free supply came about during March-April 2020, when the pandemic started?”

“You are an officer of the Indian Administrative Service, belonging to the Telangana cadre…You are telling me the state is giving Rs 34? Excuse me! You want to think about your answer,” Nirmala Sitharaman said.

Sitahraman further asked the collector why a portrait of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was not installed at the fair price shop.

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“Whenever our party puts up PM Modi’s photo or banner, it is torn or removed. Can you ensure as a district collector that it does not happen in the future? I will return to this place and check,” the Finance Minister said.

The incident was reported in Birkroor during an inspection of a Public Distribution System (PDS) ration by the Union Minister. Sitharaman was in the state attending scheduled programmes in Zaheerabad constituency, as part of BJP’s ‘Lok Sabha Pravas Yojana‘.

As the video went viral, Telangana minister KT Rama Rao expressed shock. KTR Tweeted” I am appalled by the unruly conduct of FM Nirmala Sitharaman today with District Magistrate/Collector of Kamareddy. These political histrionics on the street will only demoralise hardworking AIS officers. My compliments to Collector Jitesh V Patil, IAS, on his dignified conduct “


In Jharkhand, an FIR has been registered against BJP MPs Nishikant Dubey and Manoj Tiwari, amongst nine others, for allegedly coercing Air Traffic Control (ATC) officials. It was said that the BJP leaders sought clearance for their chartered flight to take off from Deoghar airport beyond the scheduled time on August 31.

In the FIR it has been alleged that permission was taken forcibly from the ATC, despite night take-off or landing being disallowed at the airport.

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BJP MP Nishikant Dubey and Deoghar Deputy Commissioner Manjunath Bhajantri have been at odds on Twitter since the FIR was filed in Deoghar. Following the verbal spat on social media, BJP’s Dubey filed a Zero FIR against Deoghar DC in Delhi for obstructing his work, amongst other charges.

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In a war of words on Twitter, both charged each other for violating norms for having entered the ATC area. Nishikant Dubey charged the deputy commissioner’s authority for having entered the restricted area and gaining access to CCTV footage on the airport premises.

BJP MPs visited Jharkhand to meet the family of the girl, Ankita Singh, who was set ablaze by a stalker in Dumka. The controversy erupted when they were on their way back to Delhi from the airport.

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