Mark Zuckerberg admits censoring Hunter Biden Laptop story for a week on Facebook


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg revealed that before the New York Post broke the Hunter Biden laptop story, Facebook algorithmically censored it for a week based on a general request from the FBI to restrict election misinformation.

The social media giant received a warning from the FBI which prompted Facebook to limit the story’s reach on the platform ahead of the 2020 presidential election, Zuckerberg said during an interview on The Joe Rogan Experience.

During the podcast, Joe asked Zuckerberg how Facebook handles controversial issues like the Hunter Biden story and whether it was censored.

In response, Zuckerberg said, “So we took a different path than Twitter. I mean, basically, the background here is the FBI basically came to us and talked to some folks on our team. They were like, hey, just so you know, you should be high alert. We thought there was a lot of Russian propaganda in the 2016 election, we have it on notice. There’s about to be some kind of dump that’s similar to that. So just be vigilant.”

The revelation was made as Zuckerberg was pressed on how tech platforms should handle content moderation on sensitive subjects during the podcast.

“We took a different path than Twitter,” Zuckerberg told Rogan.

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“What Twitter did is they said you can’t share this at all. We didn’t do that. What we do is we have, if something is reported to us as potentially misinformation, important misinformation, we also visit a third party fact checking programme because we don’t want to decide what’s true or false,” he said.

He further said that while Facebook decreased the distribution of the story, users were still allowed to share it.


In October 2020, Twitter suspended the New York Post account after the publication exclusively revealed the existence of Hunter’s emails.

The New York Post did an expose that revealed the existence of tens of thousands of emails between Biden’s son Hunter and business associates from Ukraine. In the expose, the publication claimed that the emails revealed how Biden’s son leveraged his political access in his overseas business dealings.

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