Memphis shooting: 2 dead in shooting rampage in US, 19-year-old gunman in custody


A 19-year-old man allegedly went on a shooting rampage in Memphis in the US state of Tennessee on Thursday (IST), killing at least two people. He is now in police custody.

The suspect, identified as Ezekiel Kelly, reportedly drove around the city of Memphis, shooting at random people, and livestreamed the act on Facebook. He was responsible for “multiple shootings”, Memphis Police said.

In a Facebook Live stream, the suspected gunman can be seen entering a store and opening fire at people.

TRIGGER WARNING: Video contains gun violence and profanity, viewer discretion is advised

The suspected shooter crashed his vehicle and carjacked a grey Toyota SUV before fleeing the scene, reported BNO News. The driver of the Toyota SUV was injured in the crash.

Police had released a photo of him and advised Memphis residents to stay indoors “until this is resolved.”

The University of Memphis sent a message to students saying a shooting had been reported near the campus. Rhodes College, which in about 4 miles away from the university, advised students on and off campus to shelter in place.

“If you do not have to be out, stay indoors until this is resolved,” Memphis police said on Twitter.

KAIT television reported the suspect had fled across the Tennessee state line into Arkansas.

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