‘Parasite, stop invading’: American tourist’s racist tirade against Indian in Poland | Video


After back-to-back racist attacks on Indians in the US, a new video has surfaced that shows an American man’s abusive tirade against an Indian in Poland’s capital, Warsaw.

In an undated video, a white man, an American tourist, starts filming an Indian man without his permission and asks him a series of racially-motivated questions, harassing him.

The person being filmed asks why he was being filmed without his consent and tells the man to stop filming, but the other person carries on. The abuser goes on to call the Indian man a “parasite” and “genocider” in the clip.

“In America, there’s too many of you guys. Why are you in Poland? Do you think you can just invade Poland? You have your own country, why don’t you go back,” the man behind the camera says.

The attacker continues to follow and heckle the Indian. He questions why the Indian man had come to the “white man’s land” and accused him of living off of “our hard work”.

“Why are you being a parasite? You are genociding our race. You are an invader. Go home, invader. We don’t want you in Europe,” the American tourist says.

The four-minute video, laden with racist slurs and profanities, was shared on Reddit and has now gone viral on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Netizens identified the man as Jon Minadeo Jr, who purportedly heads a hate group called Goyim TV, a white nationalist and deeply anti-Semitic channel, according to a Twitter user.

The incident is the latest instance of racist attacks against Indians abroad to make the headlines. In the past week, an Indian-American in California was called a “dirty Hindu” by a compatriot, while in Texas, a group of Indian women were told to “go back” because they were “ruining” America.

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