Patient Collapses After Heart Attack, Doctor Saves Life By Giving CPR


Watch: Patient Collapses After Heart Attack, Doctor Saves Life By Giving CPR

After a few strokes, the man regained consciousness.

In a video gaining traction on social media, a doctor is seen saving the life of a man who suddenly fell unconscious. The incident took place in Maharashtra’s Kolhapur, according to the description of the video posted by several users on Twitter, including Rajya Sabha MP Dhananjay Mahadik. In the 37-second clip, the man in a blue t-shirt is seen interacting with the doctor. He suddenly starts losing consciousness, lightly tapping the table in front of him to alert the doctor. The health expert immediately sprung into action, saving the man’s life.

“This video shows an example of a real life hero living in our midst. Dr. Arjun Adnaik, one of the best cardiologists, from Kolhapur saving a patient’s life. I applaud such honourable and virtuous heroes,” Mr Mahadik said in his tweet.

The video shows Dr Adnaik giving the man cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) by thumping his chest. Another person sitting next to the man is seen getting off his chair to give the doctor space to work.

After a few strokes, the man regains consciousness and his head, which had rolled back, gets stable.

The video of the doctor’s heroic act has been viewed more than 38,000 times, with several Twitter users thanking him.

“Basics of life saving, cardiology, life saving shud be included in schools, its matter of seconds,” a user commented.

“It was a silent heart attack…. bt doctor was too alert to diagnose his problm….hats off,” said another.

Last month, doctors in the United States had to untwist a man’s left hand six times after a horrifying alligator attack at a zoo. The man lost his right hand after being mauled by the alligator he took care of.

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