Pilot threatens to crash plane into supermarket in US, residents evacuated


The pilot of a “stolen” aircraft threatened to crash into a Walmart store in US’s Mississippi on Saturday.

Authorities said the pilot was seen flying over the town in circles for more than an hour. (Screengrab)


  • An unidentified pilot threatened to crash an aircraft into a supermarket in US’s Mississippi.
  • The aircraft was allegedly stolen from the Tupelo airport in Mississippi.
  • Authorities evacuated the residents living in the area along with several local stores.

The pilot of a “stolen” aircraft threatened to crash the plane into a Walmart store in the US’s Mississippi state, reported US media on Saturday. According to local media, the 9-seater plane was taken from the Tupelo Airport at around 5am local time and the pilot has been flying over the town in circles for over one hour.

Police are already evacuating several stores in Tupelo, Mississippi, after the unidentified pilot made the threat.

Authorities also started evacuating residents from the area and dispersed as many people as possible. They asked all citizens to avoid the area until further instructions. Officials added that with the mobility of the aircraft, the danger zone is much larger than the surrounding area.

The Tupelo Police department released a statement on its social media handles about the incident.

The Tupelo police department said they are in contact with the pilot who threatened to intentionally crash the plane. The Daily Mail quoted governor Tate Reeves who said, “The state law enforcement and emergency managers are closely tracking this dangerous situation. All citizens should be on alert and aware of updates from the Tupelo Police Department.”

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