Researchers’ viral claim on Covid vaccine causing miscarriages has experts rushing to debunk


“A Genocide, Baby-die offs” is what Dr Naomi Wolf was quoted as saying in an American news interview after a classified document related to the Pfizer Covid vaccine trial was released by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US. Dr Wolf claimed the basis of this document released by what she says is “the US government” that nearly half or 44 per cent of total pregnant women who participated in the trials for the Pfizer Covid vaccine lost their babies.

The claim itself is shocking to the point that the released documents under the court orders revealed the government or the FDA were aware of these trials and the major side effects that led to the loss of the foetus in the pregnant women who were trial participants for Pfizer and yet the vaccine was deemed safe for pregnant women to inject all across the world.

Who is Dr Naomi Wolf and why is she making these revelations?

Dr Wolf, reportedly the CEO of Dailyclout, ran a crowdsourced project going through Pfizer documents released by FOIA request and found that nearly 44 per cent of pregnant women who had participated in a Pfizer trial suffered miscarriages.

Dailyclout is a blog run by one Dr Naomi Wolf. A post by her claimed, “chilling data showing 44 per cent of pregnant women participating in Pfizer’s mRNA COVID vaccine trial suffered miscarriages.” The same claim has been taken up by several websites, blogs and thousands of social media posts across the world.

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The same Dailyclout has now updated its earlier post about the 44 per cent claim and added that their claims were false. They added a footnote stating that two independent researchers found that the 44 per cent figure was inaccurate and the number of miscarriages reported was lower.

Now, the same blog has rectified its earlier claims, that the actual number is not 44 per cent but much lower. A correction issued on her blog stated the actuals that led to a faulty percentage were later corrected.

Data analysis by researcher Phil Kerpen stated that the figure of 44 was incorrect and the same instances of ‘adverse events’ were calculated twice by Naomi’s ‘volunteers’.

A tweet from Phil Kerpen, said, “So really all we can say is that at the time when the file was generated there had been 11 miscarriages after the Pfizer vaccine. To further clarify, we cannot say 22 per cent because it’s not 11 out of 50. It’s only 3 out of 50; 11 is out of an unknown denominator. I found a potential 12th miscarriage in the file. There are also about 83 subjects with “exposure during pregnancy” line items. But not all miscarriages have that line, so I’m not sure we can try to use that as a denominator.”

It is notable here that the blog post itself had stated that the documents contained information about 50 pregnancies that occurred after the women received their first dose of vaccine.

If you access the correction issued by Dr Naomi Wolf on her website, you will see a “404 error and page not found’ message, hence the page does not exist anymore. Even the article that was published and stirred a storm after it reported the percentage of 44 has now been removed from the headline.

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Plenty came forward to state that the claims were too alarming. But the fact remains that abortions did happen, even if the percentage was less. Not 44 per cent but 18 per cent were claimed by a section trying to correct the double calculations.

While the US media is turning to certified doctors to debunk such claims. In a statement given to the Associated Press, the article says, “Jeffrey Morris, director of the division of biostatistics at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine, told the AP in an email that the post’s methodology contained “numerous mistakes.”

Bayliss Wagner, who reports for USA Today, tweeted – “Except “Dr.” Naomi Wolf, who is not a medical doctor, just completely retracted her “findings” with a quiet correction & headline change. Her article is now titled “Multiple Pregnancies in a Pfizer Trial Ended in Miscarriages.” Not “nearly half.” Not 44%.”

Should India care?

Pfizer’s Covid vaccine has never been used in India’s vaccination programme against Covid. However, there was a time initially when the Indian government was in talks with Pfizer vaccines which didn’t work out on various points, besides the high prices that they were sold at.

Within their negotiations, the indemnity clause (immunity from prosecution in case of lawsuits due to adverse effects) was a point of contention, their refusal to conduct local trials in India was also waived by the foreign vaccine makers such as Pfizer, Moderna as well as Johnson & Johnson, etc. Pfizer also refused to work on a technology-transfer request made by the government of India.

It is unlikely that India will switch to the Pfizer vaccine since India has created and widely used Covidshield and Covaxin to combat SARS-Cov-2.

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