Royal beekeeper informs hives about Queen’s death keeping with royal tradition


Following Queen Elizabeth’s demise, an ancient tradition required the royal beekeepers, to tell the palace bees about her death

Queen Elizabeth II passed away on Thursday at Royal Family's Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

Queen Elizabeth II passed away on Thursday at Royal Family’s Balmoral Castle in Scotland. (Reuters)

One of the rare traditions followed by the British Royal Family includes the royal beekeeper informing the hives at Buckingham Palace of Queen Elizabeth’s death. The update holds relevance as the 96-year-old longest-serving monarch passed away on Thursday at the Royal estate in Scotland.

Following the Queen’s demise, an ancient tradition required the beekeepers, present in the palace, to tell the palace bees about her death. As per reports, the tradition was taken care of and maintained after the Queen’s death and the beekeeper informed hives.

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As per the British news agency Daily Mail, John Chappie, who has been a royal beekeeper for over a decade, was tasked with the ancient tradition. He was required to tell the bees that their Queen had breathed her last. He also informed the bees that their ‘new master’ was King Charles and the bees must ‘treat him well’.

“I am at the hives now and it is traditional when someone dies that you go to the hives and say a little prayer and put a black ribbon on the hive,” the Daily Mail quoted the royal beekeeper as saying.

“The person who has died is the master or mistress of the hives, someone important in the family who dies and you do not get any more important than the Queen, do you? You knock on each hive and say, “The mistress is dead, but don’t you go. Your master will be a good master to you.” I have done the hives at Clarence House and I am now in Buckingham Palace doing their hives.”

The royal beekeeper stated that a black ribbon was tied in bows on the hives and said a little prayer too.

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