US woman shoots, kills man who attacked her in Houston


A US woman shot a man on Wednesday outside a Houston-area business after he attacked her. The man was taken to a hospital where he died.

The woman shot the attacker twice (Photo: File | Representative)

A US woman shot and killed a man who attacked her co-worker and rammed into several cars in Houston, Texas.

The incident began just after midnight Wednesday on South Houston Road outside of Univar Solutions’ laboratory.

Investigators said a man was standing outside of the business when he started yelling at a woman and hitting the side window of her car. The woman was able to eventually get in her car and drive out of the gated parking lot.

According to investigators, that’s when the man got into a car and drove through the closed electric gate of the parking lot, hitting several cars.

Another woman grabbed her handgun and confronted the man before shooting him twice after he attacked her.

The man later died at the hospital, and neither woman was injured.

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