VIPs end up in a heap as bridge collapses during inauguration in Congo | Video


Officials who had gathered to inaugurate a new footbridge in Congo ended up in a heap after the structure collapsed beneath their feet, a viral video shows.

Video screengrab shows Congo officials stumbling as the newly inaugurated bridge buckles.


  • A footbridge in Congo collapsed within moments of its inauguration
  • Officials who were still on the bridge ended up in a heap
  • The video of the incident has gone viral

Sharply-suited dignitaries gathered to inaugurate a footbridge in the Congolese capital on Monday only for the structure to collapse beneath their feet to the barely concealed delight of onlookers, video verified by Reuters showed.

Just as an organiser cut the ribbon at the ceremony in Kinshasa’s Mont-Ngafula district, the bridge buckled, both its handrails broke off, and the central section slumped into the stream a couple of metres below.

Spectators shouted in apparent glee as the VIPs struggled to get off the crumpled wreck. Nobody was reported to have been hurt in the incident.

One of the last people to climb free was a man in military fatigues and dark glasses who was clutching an unopened bottle of champagne, other footage shared widely on social media showed.

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